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Water, is the source of life, interpretation of the history of human civilization thousands of years.

Pumps, extending water, civilization, and become the civilized world the way that people rely on to survive, and can create wealth and promote social development.

Baiyun Pump, was born in the forefront of reform and opening up - Guangzhou. Thanksgiving Pearl River feeding clean water, courtesy of government and community care, Baiyun Pump with "Kuafuzhuiri" spirit, good 20 I set out to achieve leapfrog development, and become a national water industry trusted manufacturer, to obtain a series of impressive achievements: National Inspection-free products, China Machinery 500 - Pump 10 strong, well-known pump top ten brands in China, the National Customer Satisfaction products, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong famous brand of Guangzhou abide by the contract re-credit enterprises, and many other national and provincial and municipal Honor.

Today, the Group owns six enterprises in the country set up six Area Sales more than 100 branches, from the developed cities to the new rural areas, from industrial manufacturing to cutting-edge technology industries, products, shadow clouds can be seen everywhere, "Bai Yun" has become the industry both inside and outside a famous name, has become the eyes of tens of millions of users to ensure quality and confidence, is to dance the pace of China to the world a new era. Emphasis on independent innovation, the quality of casting technology, tree sincere service, cited industry trends, we Baiyun Pump Group"s business philosophy. We carried forward to "mind, dedication, innovation, win-win" spirit of enterprise, to enthusiasm, determined to forge ahead of the concrete actions to back to society, well-being of society more civilized and harmonious.

The new century, history has chosen us, we will be making of history.

In the vitality of China"s vast territory, we will pump their country, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to fight. On this occasion, we sincerely invite domestic and foreign friends for coming to visit Baiyun Pump Group guidance, sincere interaction, hand in hand, another new splendor of our cause!

Chairman, President:Jian-Yun Sun